Already in 1993, Martin Bläse has developed his very own method of making singing bowls.
By using new tuning and measuring technology it is now possible to offer these also in planetary tuning.
Manufactured from nickel silver, polished bronze or natural bronze.
Particulary useful in cosmic sound meditations.

"Planet Bowl", nach Planetentönen gestimmte Klangschalen

For sound samples please click on the green icons  

sound sample SunSun252 Hz€ 493.85
sound sample Earth YearEarth Year272 Hz€ 464.10
sound sample PlutoPluto281 Hz€ 458.15
sound sample MercuryMercury283 Hz€ 452.20
sound sample MarsMars289 Hz€ 446.25
sound sample SaturnSaturn296 Hz€ 440.30
sound sample Platonic YearPlatonic Year344 Hz€ 392.70
sound sample JupiterJupiter367 Hz€ 380.80
sound sample synodic daySynodic Day388 Hz€ 368.90
sound sample Sidereal DaySidereal Day389 Hz€ 362.95
sound sample UranusUranus415 Hz€ 357.00
sound sample Synodic MoonSynodic Moon421 Hz€ 351.05
sound sample NeptuneNeptune423 Hz€ 345.10
sound sample VenusVenus442 Hz€ 339.15
sound sample Sidereal MoonSidereal Moon455 Hz€ 333.20

cash payment gives a 2% discount

For those singing Bowls the  Quality Label applies.