Our beautiful planet Earth is bound in a cosmic dance of rhythms and cycles.
There are the orbits of the planets around the sun, the moon’s orbit around Earth, the Earth’s spin on its axis and the motion of Earth’s axis, the platonic year.
When these frequencies are doubled (increased by an octave) so that they become audible, the result are so called planetary tones.
With them, a completely new kind of music is possible, which is in consonance with the cosmic harmonies and therefore possesses a strongly harmonizing effect upon man and nature.
The gong master Jens Zygar inspired Martin Bläse to offer a selection of his sound objects in planetary tuning in the tradition of Hans Cousto.
Thus the workshop gives rise to the seven cosmic treasures.
They are seven different kinds of sound objects which are all tuned to planetary tones.
Of course they are all well suited to any cosmic sound work and also play along nicely with other instruments that are tuned to planetary tones.
Nonetheless, each has its own unique specialty.
For Trigon, Gong Oblong Premium, Planet Bowl and Heavens Doorbell the quality label applies